Reuben Notes

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Lower Limb - Regions, Surfaces - Lower Limb, Joint Motions, Associated Muscle Structures, Central Nervous System

Superficial Veins - Dorsal Foot, Superficial Veins & Lymph Nodes - Thigh & Knee, Cutaneous Nerves Leg, Cutaneous Nerves - Foot.

Unit 3


Lumbar Plexus, Sacrococcygeal Plexus, Pelvic Lymph, Pelvic Vessels, Gluteal Region - Muscles, Nerves, Arteries.

Hip Joint - Ligaments, Hip Joint - Cross Section, Hip - Anastamoses, Patella, Tibia, Fibula, Tibiofibular Torsion, Thigh - Muscles.

Thigh - Muscles (Continued), Thigh - Arterial Supply, Hip & Thigh - Nerve Supply, Femoral Triangle, Adductor Canal, Thigh - Cross Section.

Popliteal Fossa, Knee - Vascular Supply, Knee Joint.

Osteology of the Foot, Functional Units - Foot, Talus, Calcaneus, Cuboid, Navicular, Medial Cuneiform, Intermediate Cuneiform, Lateral Cuneiform, 1st - 5th Metatarsal.

Phalanges, Leg Muscles - Anterior, Lateral, Posterior compartments.

Leg Muscles - Deep Posterior, Neurovasculature - Anterior, Lateral, Posterior compartment, Cross section of leg, Tibiofibular Joint, Ankle Ligaments,

Malleolar Arterial Network, Arterial Supply to the Talus, Ankle Cross Section, Tarsal Tunnel, Foot Muscles - Dorsal Intrinsic, Foot - Neurovasculature, Plantar Aponeurosis.

Plantar Foot - Muscles, Arterial Supply, Nerve Supply

Foot - Anatomic Joints, Functional Joints, Interosseous Foot Ligaments, First Metatarsal and Hallux, Extensor Expansion, Foot - Cross Sections.

Accessory Bones - Foot, Limb Development