Reuben Notes

Subtalar Joint Closed Chain


  • Adduction and plantarflexion of the talus associated with internal rotation of the leg
  • Eversion of calcaneus
  • Flexion of knee
  • Anterior tilt of pelvis



  • Abduction and drosiflexion of the talus associated with external rotation of the leg.
  • Inversion of the Calcaneus
  • Knee extension
  • Posterior tilt of the pelvis.


Planal Dominance

Subtalar Joint

  • High pitched subtalar joint axis - Increase in adduction- abduction
  • Low pitched subtalar joint axis - increased inversion-eversion


Effects of leg rotation on the foot

  • 4 to 6 degrees of subtalar joint pronation is required to expedite internal rotation.
  • Internal rotation of the leg results in pronation of the subtalar joint
  • External rotation results in supination.